Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vote for the Autodesk University Classes you want to see

I have voted for the classes that I want to see. They are mostly BIM centric with lighting and electrical thrown in there for good measure. If you haven't voted, go here to register and have your say:

AU Class Voting

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Revit 2011 Solar Radiation Technology Preview

The Revit labs have come out with a great tool for sustainable design. This tool allows you to examine solar radiation on various surfaces of your building information model. The amount of solar energy is based on the buildings location and weather data in the model. You can download the preview here: Download the Free Solar Radiation Technology Preview from Autodesk Labs

What a great tool to help you decide where to place your PV Panels for maximum efficiency.

Check out the video here: Solar Radiation Technology Preview Video

I hope this also works with Revit 2011 MEP. If it does I will check it out and see what the reports that it generates can do for us electrical engineers.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cooper B-Line has Revit Cable Tray Families

For those of us still needing to use Revit 2009 and 2010, Cooper B-line has made some nice cable tray families for us to use. I was stuck for a long time with using ducts or custom made families that didn't really work properly. These seem to be working fairly well so far.

The one thing that I have noticed is that they seem to still show an interference when you put a corner on them. That is, when you do an interference check, there is conflicts with equipment that doesn't intersect your cable tray. I t is like the cable tray extends past the corner and into what it is interfering with even though you cannot see it in any view.

 As you can see, Revit is telling me that the duct (in red) is hitting the cable tray (selected) when they are obviously not. You can tell from the interferences on the list that this is happening in a number of different places.

As long as you and your mechanical engineer are fine with checking these conflicts manually, these cable trays come together quite fine. They are pretty easy to use and configure. You can download them here:

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Proxy Graphics Warning Messages

I have started using AutoCAD 2011and setting up the UI so it is like my AutoCAD 2010 installation.

I have noticed that I am getting this message when I am opening some older projects and architectural files created with systems older than ACAD 2007:

If I cannot download the object enabler for the objects that are contained in the drawing, I will always get this message. No matter what option I pick at this point, the next time you open the drawing, I will see this message again.
To make sure these objects are shown every time, type in the following command:
Set this to “1” to get a graphic display of the objects in question. If you set it to “0”, then the graphics will not show. If you set it to “2”, then you will get a bounding box around where the object should be.
Now to never get that warning message again, type in the following command:
Set this to “0” and that Proxy Information box will not show up again when you are opening these types of drawings.
Alternately, you can find this setting here in the Options menu under the Open and Save tab: