Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Rendering in Revit MEP

I have been doing even more rendering in Revit to show light distribution patters to clients. To do this effectively, I have to use manufacturers IES files and make my own luminaires and put them on the model. Sometimes the the luminaire breaks in the model and I get no light from it.
You can tell when this happens because your distribution pattern turns into the generic type with the sphere around it. I have my IES files stored on a network drive, so I moved them to the C: drive of my computer in the Revit/IES folder with all of the other IES files. I then have to completely remove the family and then reload it and place it again. I then get light output from it and it is in the pattern that I expect. This seems to be working so far.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Rendering with Revit MEP

I have been doing a lot of rendering lately to present lighting layouts to a client. I have had to make my own light fixtures and use ies files from varying manufacturers. I have found that if you place the light source behind the glass in a fixture, the light will not show in a rendering. All I get is a point of light that appears to be on the surface of the glass and nothing is emitted from the fixture. When I pull the light source outside the glass, the light spills out and is reflected off surfaces around the fixture accurately. I then make the glass material self illuminating so it gives the illusion that the light is coming from inside the glass.
This seems to give me the best results in term of looking realistic for the client.